Use of A Digital Sales Aid - Marketing in Healthcare Companies

  1. Catherine L Lansing

    According to Closed Loop Marketing in Pharma Survey – Life Sciences Market Survey 2010, “Over 25% of respondents had not yet implemented CLM in their organization, indicating that adoption of CLM in the pharmaceutical industry is not yet widespread. However, the survey implies that it could become pervasive by 2012. Among those not using CLM today, 80% were either considering implementing it or already evaluating requirements. Nearly 65% of respondents indicated that they planned to begin implementation by 2012, with 40% indicating that their CLM project would begin within the next 12 months.”

    Now being 2013, will a large investment in implementing the use of a Digital Sales Aid (i.e a tablet) by the sales force, create a significant rise in sales for healthcare companies? Is it worth the transactional investment and result in a greater ROI or will it further increase nominal costs in operations, support, and further IT investments? Source:

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