What are resources?

Resources are user-submitted pieces of content that range from video presentations to publications to simulation tools.

Who can submit a resource?

Anyone can submit a resource! Resources must be relevant to the community and may undergo a short approval process to ensure all appropriate files and information are included.

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University courses and short courses with lectures and associated teaching materials.

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Spreadsheets, executables, and other items that are available for download but don't fit into other categories.

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Instructional Materials

Supplementary materials (study notes, guides, etc.) that don't quite fit into any of the other categories.

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Lab Developed Tests/User Defined Protocols

Lab developed test/User defined protocols template for entering information about materials and methods for Lab developed test/User defined protocols .

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Poster presentations for conferences, workshops, meetings, etc, usually in pdf or ppt format.

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Articles, technical reports, theses, and other documents, usually in PDF or DOC format.

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A lecture of some sort, usually recorded with voice or video. It may be a graduate or undergraduate level seminar, a lecture for a class, or a tutorial presentation.

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Series are collections of lectures, publications, and other resources presented as a list. Each series may be available as a podcast, PowerPoint presentation, or PDF.

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Student Posters

Student posters from classes, usually in PDF format.

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Simulation and modeling tools that can be accessed via a web browser.

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A presentation, lecture, or workshop of some sort, may be recorded with voice or video meaning that is transmitted over the Web.

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A collection of lectures, seminars, and materials that were presented at a workshop.

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